Tim , 29 Aug 2017

I interviewed 3 agents and had them thru the property. All were super nice, on time and were all happy to answer all my questions - one of the agents was Rick at Expert Real Estate. First thing I thought was, how can agents get so wide ranging ideas on what the property is worth! I have bought and sold maybe 4 or 5 houses over the years and as always had done my own research and I had a pretty good idea what I thought it could achieve. I thought Rick's estimate was over the top but I went with him not because of what he thought it was worth (in fact it put me off a little cos it was so much higher than what the other agents said) but because I thought he could see value in the land that came with it, where other agents seemed to dismiss it.... that was a crucial point for me..... I found Rick short on both the over use of superlatives and waffle. I'm not paying him to be my best mate. I'm paying him to get the highest possible price he can. Having said that, I dealt with I think the whole little team there at Expert and everyone was a pleasure to deal with and knew what was going on. Rick was able to get a price that was even higher than the top of my own price range and way over even the top price estimates of the other agents! I'm just so freaking happy Talk is cheap...its backing it up that matters. Expert really came thru with the goods...